Holy Cross College
Application for Admission
September 2024

For Attention of Current Applicants (updated 14/5/20)

Please be reassured that, ahead of enrolment, Holy Cross will be as welcoming as possible to new students in the present climate and the uncertainty surrounding GCSEs.

All students should feel reassured that the College will work to make any adaptions necessary to the process or timing of allocating students to their new courses during enrolment. For more detail generally please see the 'Latest News' section on our website.

Please Note:
As the deadline for applications has passed, any applications received now will be placed on our Waiting List. We would strongly advise any applicants to also send a covering letter addressed to the Principal.

To Create an application you must have a valid e-mail address. Please enter it below, along with a password then press 'Create Application'. You are then required to activate your application via an e-mail sent to the e-mail address you provide.


If you have already created and activated an application and wish to continue with/view it, please click here to Log on.

We would be grateful if you DID NOT submit more than one application. If you have already submitted an application and would like to amend it, please contact the Admissions Department at admissions@holycross.ac.uk and we will make the amendments for you.

E-Mail Address:
  • Your password needs to be at least 8 characters long and preferably much longer: longer passwords are more difficult for hackers to guess.
  • Passwords should not be guessable, eg: don’t include any names of family members, dates of birth, etc.
  • You should include at least one capital letter and digit. For example, a combination of 3 words and a digit would be a secure password.
  • Please ensure that the password you choose is not used for any other websites and is not shared with anyone else.
  • Do not write down or record your password anywhere other than in secure password management software.

Once created, please remember your log-on email and password as you will be using them extensively during the application process.